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Baby Out Of Wedlock:

Co-parenting Basics

From Pregnancy to Custody

All our advice in one easy to read, award-winning survival guide.  

Our book has received a Kirkus Starred Review and four book awards (so far!).  It is...

Gender-neutral - both parents matter equally.

Location neutral - every state has different laws.

To the point - you are looking for answers, fast.

Not academic nonsense - only stuff that helps in real life. 

Not a substitute for an attorney - but, reading it will save you a fortune or even more if your co-parent reads it too.  

A cure for your high anxiety - by answering your questions.


The easy way to a healthy co-parent relationship.


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"Skillfully outlines how to prepare for and raise a child out of wedlock." - Kirkus Starred Review


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"a great primer" 

- Jessica E. Smith, Family Law Attorney and Partner, JSDC Law Offices

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"When the client is knowledgeable about the basics of family law, it makes my job easier, and everyone benefits.  Baby Out Of Wedlock is a great primer for anyone navigating the pregnancy-to-custody continuum."


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