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Document Review

Document Review

Any holes in your written parenting plan? 

If there are, we can point them out for you.  We know what works and what doesn't in real life.  

For example, holiday schedules can be written very well or very poorly.  Mine was written terribly.  

We are not dispensing legal advice.  You still need a lawyer to finalize your documents.  We try to point out the places in your document that need work to protect your interest and avoid future disputes before they arise.

It's much harder to change these things after you sign, so get it right the first time by letting us take a look.

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Document Review - $100 for a written review of your draft document.  Receive a discount of 25% with proof of our book purchase.


Start you document review here:


How it works

An Unbiased and Experienced Point Of View

You email us your draft Parenting Plan or other documents, and we will give you our honest feedback and suggestions via email. 

We offer complete confidentiality. 

Keep in mind that :

  • We cannot help you determine child support.

  • We are not attorneys, and you must have a qualified attorney finalize your document for the courts.

If you are interested, please click on the Document Review button below and check off the "Document Review" box on the contact form.

We'll get in touch within a day or so with the next steps and we should have feedback for you within a week.  

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If we helped you improve your document, please leave us a positive testimonial by clicking the button below.


Start learning the better way today.

We'd love to hear from you.

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