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Jim & Jessica are available for interviews and questions from the media. 

Please download the Media Kit here.  

Please contact us with media inquiries at:

(856) 497 - 3376

FIVE THINGS we wish we knew back then:

six awards.png

Links to all six book awards:

1. Chanticleer Book Awards, Winner 2021 1st Place Non-Fiction, Instruction & Insight Category

2. Readers' Favorite, 2021 Gold Award Non-Fiction, Parenting

3. CIPA EVVY 2021 Awards, Winner 1st place Non-Fiction, Parenting & Family

4. NYC 2021 Big Book Awards, Distinguished Favorite, 2021 Parenting & Family

5. Literary Titan Gold Book Award - April 2021

The description of the Gold Book Award can be seen here:

The list of all previous award winners is shown here.

6. She's Single Magazine - 2021 Best Relationship Book Award


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