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Are you overwhelmed because...

You are going to be a parent with someone who might not be right for you long term?

You know nothing about child custody law, child support payments, or even where to begin learning?

You can't sleep at night pondering all the "what if" questions and mounting legal bills?

You want a healthy co-parenting situation for your child but the relationship is quickly deteriorating?

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Download our free 

Top Twelve Concerns

to get quick answers about:

  1. Paternity tests

  2. Lawyers

  3. When to start litigation

  4. Child support calculations

  5. Physical custody

  6. Visiting infants

  7. Overnight visitation

  8. Parenting plans

  9. Parenting coordinators

  10. High conflict situations

  11. Our Family Wizard

  12. Substance abuse

And then dig in below for more

in-depth information.  

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About us

About ten years ago, we each had children with people we did not end up marrying.  We remember all the sleepless nights and how hard it was to find straight answers. 

Lawyers talked in circles and charged a fortune.  Divorced friends never understood the unique challenges that we faced.

After several court battles and making many rookie mistakes, we finally found our way to healthy relationships with our kids and co-parents. 

Then, we found each other, got married, and had a child together.  Now, we want to help you avoid the mistakes we made and find a better way through this difficult time.   

-Jessica & Jim Braz

What they say about us and our book

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I often see the emotional toll that custody battles can have on unmarried parents and their children in my behavioral health practice.


The material in Baby Out of Wedlock can make a difference in both the parents' and their children's long-term mental health.  


- Francesca Santacroce, LMFT, owner of Serenity Behavioral Health


My documentaries focus on what can happen in a worse case situation.


Unmarried parents who read Baby Out Of Wedlock are taking a first step in the right direction.  


- Ginger Gentile, Director & Producer of "Erasing Family" and one of Maria Shriver's "Architects of Change"

Watch the trailer:

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Pregnancy out of wedlock can be an incredibly scary time. This book is a great guide to help the reader know they are not alone; and with a great emphasis on the importance of mental health.


- Rachel Cohen, LMHC, Clinical Supervisor at The Soho Center in New York City

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As a family law attorney for over ten years, I can say that many of my clients would have significantly benefited from reading Baby Out of Wedlock.  I would highly recommend it to anyone going through this situation. 


 – Kevin Falkenstein, Family Law Attorney and Partner, Moustakas Nelson LLC

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“Baby Out Of Wedlock provides answers to all the basic questions that will inevitably challenge a co-parenting relationship.  


If both parents read this book, you can work together to plan for your child with less stress and anxiety and limit the cost of lawyers.”  


– Andrew Keegan, Actor and Successful Co-parent

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When the client is knowledgeable about the basics of family law, it makes my job easier, and everyone benefits.  Baby Out Of Wedlock is a great primer for anyone navigating the pregnancy-to-custody continuum. 


– Jessica E. Smith, Family Law Attorney and Partner, JSDC Law Offices




Top Twelve Concerns 



Download our quick answer guide: Top Twelve Concerns and then read the first few chapters of Baby out of Wedlock: Co-parenting Basics from Pregnancy to Custody, all for free.

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