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You have so many questions

About an unexpected pregnancy involving unmarried parents 

Are you feeling overwhelmed because...

You are going to be a parent with someone who might not be right for you long term?

You know nothing about child custody law, child support payments, or even where to begin learning?

You can't sleep at night pondering all the "what if" questions and mounting legal bills?

You want a healthy co-parenting situation for your child but the relationship is quickly deteriorating?

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It doesn't have to be this hard.

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There is an easy way or a hard way to do this.

The easy way starts with knowledge

Looking for answers?


More Answers = Less Anxiety = Fewer Arguments

Pregnancy Questions

Legal Custody Questions

Financial Child Support Questions

Visitation Rights Questions

Difficult Relationship Questions


Start Here

Real-life answers and solutions from a Mother and Father who have actually been through this before

About us

About ten years ago, we each had children with people we did not end up marrying.  We remember all the sleepless nights and how hard it was to find straight answers. 

Lawyers talked in circles and charged a fortune.  Divorced friends never understood the unique challenges that we faced.

After several court battles and making many rookie mistakes, we finally found our way to healthy relationships with our kids and co-parents. 

Then, we found each other, got married, and had a child together.  Now, we want to help you avoid the mistakes we made and find a better way through this difficult time.   

-Jessica & Jim Braz

What they say about us and our book

- Francesca Santacrose, LMFT

I often see the emotional toll that custody battles can have on unmarried parents and their children in my behavioral health practice.


The material in Baby Out of Wedlock can make a difference in both the parents' and their children's long-term mental health.  


-- Francesca Santacroce, LMFT, owner of Serenity Behavioral Health

My documentaries focus on what can happen in a worse case situation.


Unmarried parents who read Baby Out Of Wedlock are taking a first step in the right direction.  


-- Ginger Gentile, Director & Producer of "Erasing Family" and one of Maria Shriver's "Architects of Change"

Watch the trailer:

- Ginger Gentile, Filmmaker

- Andrew Keegan, Actor & Co-parent

“Baby Out Of Wedlock provides answers to all the basic questions that will inevitable challenge a co-parenting relationship.  


If both parents read this book, you can work together to plan for your child with less stress and anxiety and limit the cost of lawyers.”  


– Andrew Keegan, Actor and Successful Co-parent

- Bob Litwin, Author and Coach

My work is all about the stories people live that help them get through adversity and Baby Out of Wedlock has nailed it.


Jim & Jessica have written the stories of whom people need to be to navigate this experience. With their guidance, this can be one where both parents and the kids can have lives free of hostility, pain, and anguish.

-Bob Litwin Performance Coach and author of Live the Best Story of Your Life.

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