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Baby on the way?
Not Married?
Got Questions?

We have the answers.

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"Skillfully outlines how to prepare for and raise a child out of wedlock." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

-FOUR Book Awards
-Kirkus Starred Review

We know how overwhelming unmarried pregnancy is. You may even be considering abortion.

Do you realize 40% of all births in the USA are to unmarried parents?  

You are not alone! You can do this, millions of babies are born out of wedlock these days. You simply need to learn the basics. 

Baby Out of Wedlock answers every question a person has in this situation, from paternity tests to child support calculations to visitation rights.  It's the book we wish we had read when we were each going through what you are going through now.

-Learn family law basics
-Understand your co-parent's point of view
-Protect your parenting rights
-Avoid a costly court battle
-Deal with difficult co-parents effectively
-Lower your stress levels 
-Get to a healthy co-parenting relationship

Gain the confidence to choose life.

Answers = Confidence 

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About ten years ago, we each had children with people we did not end up marrying. We remember all the sleepless nights and how hard it was to find straight answers. 

Lawyers talked in circles and charged a fortune.  Divorced friends never understood the unique challenges that we faced.

After several court battles and making many rookie mistakes, we finally found our way to healthy relationships with our kids and co-parents. 

We can help you avoid the most common pitfalls.  Learn from our mistakes. 

-Jessica & Jim Braz

"a great primer" 

- Jessica E. Smith, Family Law Attorney and Partner, JSDC Law Offices

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"When the client is knowledgeable about the basics of family law, it makes my job easier, and everyone benefits.  Baby Out Of Wedlock is a great primer for anyone navigating the pregnancy-to-custody continuum."

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Start learning the better way today.

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