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Dispute Resolution 

Dispute Resolution Services (JJDRS)

Let us help you find a compromise

Jim & Jessica will hear both sides of your minor parental dispute and help you come to a fair, gender-neutral, unbiased decision, hopefully within one hour, that takes into account the language in your existing parenting plan as well as what's best for your child.

Our primary goal will be to help you find a solution that works for both of you. However, if a compromise cannot be had, then we will deliver a decision that both parties are expected to adhere to. 

JJDRS is typically for co-parents with an existing parenting plan already in place who need a neutral third party to help them solve a minor dispute, such as where to meet for transitions or how to split up time for summer vacation.


However, we could also help parents who are still negotiating the language to be included in their first parenting plan, assuming you are not getting anywhere with your traditional court-mandated mediator.

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How it works

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An timely, effective way to solve disputes

Co-parents who sign up for JJDRS agree in advance to abide by the compromises or decisions that we come to regarding your dispute.

While we are not "the law," and we don't have any powers of enforcement, we will serve as witnesses via an affidavit in any future litigation, testifying as to the parties' participation and agreement to abide by JJDRS binding decisions.


Co-parents can sign up to solve one dispute or several, but we may recommend you find a professional, long-term parenting coordinator if you have multiple complex disputes.

All JJDRS meetings will occur via phone call, and parents will receive detailed notes after each meeting recapping any binding decisions or outcomes.

Phone meetings will be recorded to keep everyone honest.  Recordings are kept in strict confidence, only referred to if needed in future JJDRS meetings, and never shared with third parties or as evidence in future litigation.

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Dispute resolution is FREE for a limited time. 


Start your Dispute Resolution here:

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If we helped resolve your dispute in a timely and effective manner, please leave us a positive testimonial by clicking the button below.

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